#ModelTalk : How to prep yourself for the best modeling digitals

If you're interested in modeling, 9 times out of 10 you've run across an agency website that requires you to submit modeling digitals. Have you ever submitted photos to an agency and never received a response? Don't worry, we ALL have. There are many reasons why an agency will not respond to the numerous email requests for representation, but the quality of your digitals (also known as polaroids) shouldn't be one of them. Here's my advice on... 

First, what are digitals? 

- They are raw, unedited photos of a model.
Digitals show models in their 'natural" state...meaning minimal makeup, minimal hair styling, minimalistic neutral palette clothing option (usually black and/ or white works fine) and minimal posing.

Why are digitals important?

- Portfolios are great because they show your range as a model, your ability to pose, and the creativity with makeup / hair / wardrobe styling....but they do very little for showcasing your true beauty and unique features. Digitals are important because, unlike your modeling portfolio, they show what you naturally look like and your body shape. It's important for agents and casting directors to get a glimpse of the "real" you if they would like to book you.

Do I need professional digital photos?

- Although I HIGHLY recommend getting a professional photographer to shoot your digitals, it is not necessary; however, a professional photographer can help you get the best shots, lighting, framing and poses for your digitals. If you do not have access to a professional, and you need digitals done pretty quickly, here's what you can do in 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Find a solid color white wall in a room with natural light. Daylight will be best to shoot. You want your lighting to be even. You want to shoot one close up, one full length, one waist up and one profile shot, so grab a friend to take them on a camera phone.
Step 2: Wear minimal to no makeup. 
This is the most important part (and sometimes the most uncomfortable) if you are used to wearing Kim Kardashian caked on makeup in photos. The importance of digitals is for you to take natural looking photos. So no instagram or snapchat filters allowed! Mascara, brow powder (very lightly if needed) & chapstick is all that you need. 
Hair can be pulled back, in it's natural hair state (curly or afro) or pulled down and tucked behind your ears.
Step 3: Wear appropriate clothing.
This is extremely important and it's wise to wear solid color (black and/ or white), slim fitting clothing. NO PATTERNS, just keep it simple with a tank and slim fitted jeans or leggings. You can also choose to wear a swimsuit in your digitals. 
Here's examples of my actual digitals shot by photographer Jarrell Lee


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