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Your roadmap to reel success! Learn the secret formula to turning your reels from 0 - 100k views + explore 100 proven - viral hooks, that empowers you to craft reels that stop the scroll and grows your account!

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Chanelle Renee | CEO of ModelShop

Welcome to ModelShop Store! My name is Chanelle “ModelBoss'' Renee, the Creative Director of and CEO. My industry career started working simultaneously in front of the camera, as a commercial / print model, and also behind the scenes as a Creative Director / Graphic Designer. A creative at heart, my passions & skill set in branding led me to become a Social Media Director for clients such as Nick Cannon, multi-million dollar brands, as well as a local entrepreneurs’ starting their business. My passion for working fashion and entertainment led me to create a community and become a mentor, in which I host workshops to help others navigate through the industry. and maximize their own skills. Modelshop was created with that goal in mind. At Modelshop, we made it easy for you to create your brand identity like a pro all in one place! I look forward to assisting you in your venture! - @ChanelleRenee

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