Include FAQs Answer #3

Digital products are downloadable products that you can use. It is not a tangible option you can hold, but it is still a great value! Think of it like music can't pick it up, but it is valuable to you in some way. Our digital products are downloadable templates or lightroom presets that you can usel, customize, and can benefit you in your daily boss life.

I'm lost! How do I use the digital products? We've provided "How to" guides within each of our purchases. If you have any questions regarding using the products, please send us an email and we'll be happy to assist you -

What the heck is a lightroom preset, anyways? Presets are kind of like filters for your photos, but a million times better. They are used with the app "Adobe Lightroom". Have you ever seen a social media feed that all have the same tone in the images? Well, that's done with presets. Our presets are premium quality and exclusively made to enhance your photos, all in just one click of an app on your mobile phone. It is time-saving, convenient and change your Instagram page's game.

Can I repurpose ModelShop's products? All ModelShop© products are for personal use only and may not resold, recreated or redistributed, at all or it will be considered copyright infringement and will be persecuted by law. You know, standard procedure. Please contact shop email directly for help and/or other inquiries.

Do you offer prints? We are a digital products services, for that, we do not offer physical products or prints, YET. After your payment is processed, you will immediately receive a downloadable file sent to your email, or on the payment confirmation screen after purchased.